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I suppose after going to the games all summer I should at least do a post on how it ended!   lol   My daughter’s baseball games, that is!

The last game was freaking awesome!  It was hard work and painful. lol  One guy got a ball to the head and was gushing blood, but what a trooper, he kept on!  The entire game was very close in scoring and really exciting!

Kaela up to Bat

Kaela up to Bat

It was the last inning, two outs, and their team was down 11 to 10… my daughter was on third base.  Casey came up to bat…it’s one of the only games he showed up for…but an all around great player!  He hit a home run and both got in to home base!!!!  What a nail biter and a terrific ending to their year!  🙂  Go BREW JAYS!!!!

The winning team!!!!

The Winners!

The Winners!

The game was followed up by some Beer Ball..which was a hoot!  They had to carry a beer in one hand through the entire game. lol  What a laugh… there were folks lying down, sitting and kneeling at some points.  This was not the end, however. lol  They then continued on to their own form of an egg toss – where the two teams just threw eggs at one another… this turned into beer cans, which turned into open beer cans – and yes…. one tomato.  LOL  It was just hilarious!  Great year!  Come on next May!!!


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  1. Sounds like you had a really good time! Glad she did so well and her team won! 🙂
    I have been bogged down with so much work at home and school, I can barely think to write. I really need to put up a new post, just need to have the message jump out at me. I always just get these vibrations when a particular topic I should write about appears in my head. Then I can’t sleep until it is on paper (typed on the PC).
    I am exhausted tonight. did so much today…and yet still feel it wasn’t enough. I feel I was lacking something in a gift I gave today. WHich made me wish I could get it back and regive it with something more in it. I felt it was just so lame and small. Oh, well, the thought that counts and all that jazz, right?
    Have a good evening! HUGS! One of my daughter’s bay is tomorrow. She turns 12. My sis may come up too on Saturday. She is pregnant finally… many health issues, I hope it works this time. She lost all of the latest tries and her 3 children alive were taken away because of her health and given to her ex-husband who will not let her have any contact with them until they are 18. SHe does not even knw where they live. Very sad… and CPS is all for it. So, she really needs this baby to lift her soul up again.
    Well, I am off to a hot bath and bed. I wish I could have hit the pillow two hours ago, but too much to be done here and the baby was still up hyper, running through the house.
    Have a great Friday!

    • Well, Hello there, Tamara! Always lovely to see you drop in!
      It was a really terrific time we had! They really kicked it up when they needed to, as usual. lol
      I’m the very same way about writing… I go to bed and the same thought swirls around until I have to get up and get it out. lol After I always feel much better, and then I can sleep!
      The gift thing… don’t worry. I’m sure it was received with the love you intended. 🙂 I always fret too, that it’s not enough..but it’s the are right. 🙂
      Happy Birthday to your daughter! 🙂
      I hope your sister’s pregnancy goes well! That’s such a hard thing to go through… so many people suffer with that and it’s not fun.
      I hope you got some sleep! I remember those days all too well, kids… and no sleep. lol Mine are 23 and 24 and I still don’t get to sleep sometimes. lol 🙂
      Much love to you lady!!! I hope you are having a fantastic day!! xoxox

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