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They think that by putting this on Google that children will be safer.  What they are proposing is that folks can search their own neighborhood to see how many pedophiles are around them… roughly.  It won’t show exact locations…just the number of them in an area.  This is to be used for strictly pedophiles, and not folks with sex crimes – or other crimes.  They are proposing this in London this week… Err…maybe Ontario – could be England, I didn’t catch that part.

And what will that do to the value of your property.  I’m not saying put this above child safety, but it is a real concern.  People work their whole lives and pay mortgages….they build their futures in their homes.

And are you going to be less inclined to move where there are more dots?  Will you feel safer in an area void of dots?  Why?

First of all… these people DO own cars, and they can walk, bike, bus…. they don’t stay in one place… they aren’t chained to their homes.  And really…. criminals tend to go elsewhere to commit their crimes…they don’t *shit in their own back yard* so to speak.

And…consider this… they too, have computers.  Can’t they use it for their own planning?  If there are no dots and you feel safer, they will see that there are no dots and they could, theoretically, go there for that reason.

They don’t have labels on their foreheads either… are you going to look at your neighbor differently?  Are we not just creating paranoid, suspicious attitudes?

Are people going to be any more strict with their children and teaching safety issues because there are 12 dots / offenders in their area?  Or perhaps more lenient because there’s only one?  Really?  No… they aren’t.  People should be teaching their children to be streetwise, regardless!!  Parents have to watch them every second no matter how many little dots are going to show up on Google.

What about the ones that just haven’t been caught?  You can’t use Google to predict who will perpetrate this crime…

or who has and is still free!

Another point a friend just brought to my attention (thanks Michelle!!) …how often do they update these types of sites?  We are going to look at the same results for how many years??

What about our laws?  Supposedly… if you do the crime, you do the time… you are free of it.  Now…it’s well known that pedophiles cannot be rehabilitated, and they are extremely likely to re-offend.  So why not harsher sentences?  Keep them off the street.  What right does anyone have to keep an eye on them after they’ve done time?  Here, I am obviously just playing devil’s advocate… of course we all want to know where they are and that they are not going to repeat their actions.  We all want our children to be safe… but seriously, if these are the laws, what right do we have to peep on them?  The laws have to change.  I guess I’m asking why we have these laws that are so obviously lacking in common sense.

We need to change laws and make it so that people are safe – not put little dots on Google so that someone can say that’s their claim to fame, that they proposed this and now folks are smarter…more educated.  Horse pucky.  Ludicrous.

The ONLY good thing that this is going to do is raise awareness, but why do it in such an inane, and useless format?  Surely there are clearer, more effective methods!!


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  1. AlyssaMichelle said:

    I totally agree with you. I see no point in this equation here. People should be teaching children that there are risks no matter where you are and to use street smarts. How are these dots going to help us anyway? “Ope, there’s a dot near my house….but which house is it? Let’s just stay cooped up in our home because we don’t know which ones of our neighbors we are to fear.” Please.

    I do tend to agree that we need stiffer punishments for these pedophiles. However, no matter how many pedophiles we have in the prison-system, there will always be more out of the system who have either jumped bail, have been released and are non-compliant, or who have not even entered into the system yet. The key, which you have said, is to protect ourselves by knowledge…not of where these pedophiles might be located (Oh look, another dot), but by being safe and smart in all of our actions, teaching our own children about the risks and possibilities in this world. It sucks to do so, but it would suck even worse to deal with the emotional infliction of pain should one of these dots take action.

    • Good morning! Yes, it’s sad to think that folks will believe this information to be pertinent.
      We all know they are out there…and the internet and access to information, news is giving the appearance that there are more. I think we are just finding out about them more…
      That aside… it’s a given that we need to be vigilant over our children. It’s a false sense of security that this offers to those that believe they are getting information that matters.
      Ps.. love the wording! *Should one of these dots take action*. 🙂 Love you Sweets! Have a wonderful day! xox

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