According to me…..

lol  My friend and I just put one together!  What a job that was. lol   Her friend gave it to her as she is an artist and wanted something to draw on… so he handed over his old drafting table.. it’s just gorgeous!  When we first looked at it, in all its pieces we both agreed that there was no way we were going to be able to put it together. lol  But then we stared and looked and contemplated and finally I said *I think these bits go like this and those bits go like that*… next thing you know it…we are on the floor putting this beast together.  lol  Lots of fun and frustration and in the end, we WON!!!  And it was well worth it!

The Big Bad Underbelly!

The Big Bad Underbelly!

If you look at the wide bar of wood underneath, you will see a line… that’s where the metal pole was inserted…we’re pretty sure it’s supposed to face the back, but we don’t care. lol  We managed to put it together and it’s much more complicated than it appears. lol

Finished product

Finished product


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