According to me…..

Leonard Cohen

I can’t sleep, so I’m spending some time with Mr. Cohen.  lol

He is one of the best musicians ever and I wish him all the best on his tour!

I’m Your Man!


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  1. Hey darling! Sorry it’s taken me so long to answer…I’m not at home and don’t want to hog someone else’s computer. 🙂

    I do love Leonard… all his stuff. Well, maybe not Field Commander Cohen. LOL But I love the rest of it and listen to him daily!

    I got your email…. odd, isn’t it?

    I think we’d be fast friends! For sure… we sure seem to have a lot of the same tastes and attitudes. 🙂

    I think change is a most wonderful thing… we may not want it, but it usually means better things in our lives. At least a lesson learned. lol
    Since you seem to be so excited about your upcoming changes, I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you!!! xoxox

    Have a lovely night, Sweets. xox

  2. OH MY GOD! YOU ARE the ONLY other person I actually know on this earth that listens to him….love his “everybody knows”…LOVE IT. I wish I had been there with you, not sleeping. That would just have been pretty awesome, I happen to think. OH! and get this,..i ran across a letter written by someone else on some stupid astrology site. I nearly fainted when I read it. It was JUST EXACTLY like what is up with my love life. It was so freaky weird I will ahve to send it to you via email. I wish we could meet and spend time getting to know each other in person. I think I really do mean that.
    Hope your day has been so very good. the weather is changing here and it makes me hyped with anticipation for changes in good ways….that will actually be changes I would like. Woohoo! here’s to hoping!

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