According to me…..

~~Warning~~  May cause you to itch!!!!

We all say it.  We’ve said all through the years and thought it to be an old wife’s tale, just something we say.  Have you ever thought about it?  Hmmm… well They’re Here!  They were real all this time!

It’s an epidemic and no one can stop them!  Large cities are being overrun by bed bugs, it’s in the news a lot lately.  They are shutting down multiple floors in fancy hotels and in motels to rid themselves of these night stalkers.  No one is immune.  They travel – person to person.  On work chairs, and public transportation.  They hide in the day in your walls, under and in your furniture.  With transportation being so accessible now, they just hitch a ride and off they go!  New feeding ground!

They are tiny little things.  The babies are white and look like peeny weeny rice flecks.  The adults are light brown or rusty red if they’ve just had a *blood meal*.  EW  The adults grow to about 4 or 5 mm long.  They can sleep / hibernate for up to a year without eating.  Your body heat and your exhalation (CO2 – carbon dioxide)?  These are the things that draw them to you.  They have a cone shaped nose and when they dig this into a human they inject them with something much like mosquitoes do.  It makes your blood run.  Anticoagulant.  All the better to eat you.

Common Bed Bug Lifecycle

Common Bed Bug Lifecycle

You’ll know if you have them because you’ll have itchy bites.. sometimes welts.  Usually your upper arms and torso, your head or face – close to the carbon dioxide you give off and your warmth.  They are willing to travel 15 feet to get to you.  They say that if you have two or three bites close together it’s because you knocked it off it’s first site – in your sleep – and it started again elsewhere.  They feed on you for about ten minutes.  You may notice little blood spots on your bedding.  Try lifting up your mattress… look for small black flecks – bed bug feces.  And apparently, if you have a severe infestation you will smell an offensive musty odor.  They get out of hand fast, because the female can have up to 400 offspring.

In the late 1950s this pest was all but eradicated… due to strong pesticides.  But those pesticides were banned (DDT).  It’s a theory that we have made them stronger by using weaker chemicals, say for cockroaches.  Now the problem is that you don’t know how they will react to other chemicals and you could inadvertently make them stronger yet.  Add to that global travelling.

So how do you get rid of them?  Ha… impossible.  There is new information that with the right heat (49C) from expensive exterminator companies, you may stand a chance.  It’s more work than that.  Before they even arrive you throw out your furniture for fear they are hiding in there.. in wood, in cracks, in materials.  You bag up all your clothing and materials to be laundered, repeatedly.  You have to vacuum everything, thoroughly, daily.  Books, shelves, beds, walls….. the list goes on.  You imagine you are being eaten, you feel them creeping on you.  You worry about leaving the house and bringing them with you.  Hugging friends, no thanks!  You don’t have guests… and you certainly don’t tell!  Your landlord doesn’t want to pay for expensive treatments for an entire building, so you may be asked to leave.  Work may ask you to not come in.  It’s not something that attacks only dirty unkempt homes.  It doesn’t matter, tidy and clean or dirty.  Uptown and downtown.  rich or poor… anyone can have them.

Now, I’m not a big fan of cockroaches, lol  but at least they don’t EAT you.  Pfft.

Check this site for statistics on how the numbers have increased.  It’s a shock and it’s not publicized enough to stop it.

Ok, my morning coffee is finished.  Have a great day!  And don’t let the…oh, nevermind.  🙂


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