According to me…..

Just some things that are on my mind – and it doesn’t take much to fill it, so occasionally I must empty!  lol

1.  Why would the Toronto Star publish an article saying that they have the first picture of the *first mass appearance of the Black Bloc* on the weekend of the G20 – outside of the police station…. (August 21, 2010 page IN3)  I mean, I have videos and pictures from Allan Gardens…. before the march began.  The pictures and videos are of them getting changed into the black attire they are so well known for, and people with them shooing away anyone with a camera.   I’m sure others have this documentation too.  I heard the police beside me discussing them… as they walked past me on the march.  This was on Friday, before all the problems – they could have stopped this.  Sigh.

2.  If police here are so interested in stopping drag racing, then why don’t they keep tabs on them on the net?  There are websites where these drivers all chat and they discuss when and where their next meet is… If I can find these sites, why aren’t the police?  Twice we’ve called them to report these activities… and twice no police car has shown up.

These ones
And these ones

3.  I think a new wave has hit Toronto…. Twice today on my bike someone in a car randomly screamed out the window at me.  Not words, nothing like that…. one person, a younger fella, just screamed out the passenger window, and not twenty minutes later, and older gentlemen, driving yelled BANG out his window.  Just things to startle a biker… And that’s not a very nice game at all.  How will they feel if they startle someone so bad that they wipe out and die?  Is this Rob Ford induced mania?

Just stuff…. circling around in my noggin.


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