According to me…..

I’m so Behind!

Gah… lol  I’m behind!  I haven’t done a real blog in a week…I haven’t really read many.  They are piling up in my in box!!!  LOL  It makes me crazy – normally I’m on top of that stuff.

Oh well…I’ll get there!!!  Probably take a day and do it all…so don’t be surprised if you get slammed with tons of things all at once.  lol

And tonight…too tired from biking 25 kilometers… now THAT was a ride.  My body hates me.   LOL

Love to you all and have a most wonderful night, please!


Comments on: "I’m so Behind!" (4)

  1. 25 km geez that’s some saddle sore I’m getting just thinking about that journey!

    Don’t worry about the blog love, the pressures of modern life and all that, I feel like this too and find myself spread too thinly over life’s bread lol.

    You’ve also got boatloads on your mind at the momo and I’d forgive you for not having a mind for your blog.

    What will be will be and when it is enjoy it for what it be……lol 🙂

    I’ve not really blogged hard just lately, thanks mainly to work, entertaining kids on school hols, starting a new hobby (painting figures) reading Dickens and playing Command and Conquer on the PC too.

    It all gravy baby! Take care mate and don’t worry be happy!

    Respect and Peace!

    • Good Morning!!!!

      Yes, my ha ha hates me. LOL But all in all I feel ok today! I’m surprised… thought I’d be done in at least a day! 🙂

      I do have tons on my mind… so maybe blogging would help, eh? 🙂 I’ve been to four homes to fix computers this week, and attended a rally against the police… been to my daughter’s new apartment, and my friend’s house for a sleepover… and that huge bike ride, made discs for five people that had to be delivered. LOL And I thought I had nothing on for this week, but thankfully (ha) my daughter fixed that!!!! 🙂

      I totally get why you don’t blog sometimes… two kids – that in itself is tons of work! 🙂 And I’m happy to hear you are reading Dickens! Are you liking it much? Have you painted any figurines yet? Are they D and D? Are you going to put up pix? lol

      So…from one busy human to another – thanks for taking the time to pop in! lol Always love to hear from you! xox
      Have a marvelous day! Make time for you. 😉

  2. David W said:

    Because of your passion……..:)

    • LOL You could be right. 🙂 Hello there! Thank you! So much. 🙂

      I’m totally hyped you dropped by!!!! 🙂 Hello and you know what? I’m so happy to see you getting involved in your music and friends again!
      I know it’s hard. Love to you!!!!!! 🙂

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