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Rally in solidarity with G20 Defendants

Date: Monday, August 23
Time: 6:00pm
Location: Outside Toronto Police Headquarters, 40 College St. Toronto, ON

Most of our bruises have faded, but we haven’t. It was two months ago when many were beaten on the streets of Toronto and in their homes, with rubber bullets and tear gas fired into crowds of people of all ages, from toddlers to seniors. Two months ago, the police conducted the largest mass arrest in Canadian history with 1100 people arrested. Two months ago, the police force conducted their vicious snatch squads to kidnap (and sometimes arrest) our community organizers and others simply in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Two months have passed since these visible assaults on our very basic right to dissent, and they have continued to try to use every tool in their arsenal to discourage people from dissenting. On Monday, August 23rd hundreds of people will be converging in Toronto again, this time to appear to face outstanding charges from the G20 weekend. The crown is pursuing charges for over 300 individuals, causing huge burdens on the individuals and their families. They have given absurd bail conditions generally reserved for charges such as murder. Some remain imprisoned without bail. The police have also intimidated and harassed people to ensure bail compliance, disproportionately targeting their check-ins on ‘priority neighbourhoods’. Over the last 2 months the police have tried to divide, isolate, and dehumanize us, but we must show them their actions only make us stronger, more motivated, and more resilient.

On August 23rd, let’s get out our friends, families, and communities to make our message clear:

We are united with the people brutalized at the G20 protests, and demand the Attorney General’s Office DROP their charges immediately!

We will unite with the communities brutalized by the police every day, and demand the assault on aboriginal and other racialized communities, on queer communities, on street people end immediately.

We will continue to dissent and take to the streets against the polices of the G20, including the proposed austerity measures.
We will continue to build our movements in the struggle for a better world – this decade will not be marked by their austerity, but rather by OUR resistance.

They are Few. We are still Many.



  1. When did Canada become The USA. I would expect that kinda of thing here in the states, but not in Canada

    • Hello! Nice to see a new person!
      Canada is very close to becoming the States… the folks running it are all about profit and looking after themselves.
      It’s been hell on wheels here for a couple of months.. and I don’t think it’s getting better any time soon. Sadly!

      Thanks for dropping by! Hope to see you again!
      Have a great day, please.

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