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Random Pix

Just a couple of pix I collected yesterday – not nearly all of them… but a couple. 🙂

Have a great day!

Chinese Structure

Chinese Structure

Not sure… err.. what this is.  But it’s beautiful.  It’s new and they built it in one of the mainly *Chinese* areas of Toronto – Broadview and Gerrard…

Church On Broadview

Church On Broadview

This is the top of an old church on Broadview Avenue… I was curious about the loudspeaker?  lol  Did they used to announce things?  Did they play music?  Hmmm….

Tunnel On Queen Street

Tunnel On Queen Street

This is a tunnel on Queen Street.  I forget the name of the road it is beside..but they got folks to paint pictures of animals on both sides.  I walk through here all the time, but this time I stopped to look.


Comments on: "Random Pix" (6)

  1. Ooh, that tunnel of animal paintings is a looovey shade of blue. How calming 🙂

    I love photography of architecture!

    • Yeah, it looks pretty great! It’s nice to see some color in all the cement in a city! 🙂

      Me too on the architecture! I like to get odd angles. lol 🙂

      Have a wonderful day! It’s terrific to hear from you! I’m so behind in my reading right now. lol Egads!

  2. Nice Pics T – Loving the choices you make when you compose a picture.


  3. Soda said:

    Love it ~! LOL and the ARTWork stuff photo… I hope they keep that on the WALL ~! love to ya ~!

    • Thanks Soda! 🙂 I am surprised you’ve never seen that wall.. it’s pretty close to you… by the train tracks… before the library. 😉 I hope they keep it too, but it’s already getting ruined by the weather and vandals. 😦
      Love you lady! xoxoxx

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