According to me…..

I find myself at a place where a choice has to be made.  A serious choice.

Apparently I need somewhere to live soon.  lol  Yes, I know…stressful, but not really.

Been here so many times and the only stressful thing about it is change.  To my way of thinking.  Things always work out how they should, whether we like it or not.

So… I’m looking at this and thinking… WTF.  I’ve always wanted to travel.  Why not.  I do love Toronto, and the only thing that concerns me is not being a citizen, in this day and age… getting back could be an issue…but for passport sakes, it’s much cheaper for me to just pay for that right now.  Citizenship is expensive… that aside… I want to go.   I’ve always wanted to go.  Something always holds me back… kids, work, blah blah blah… whole huge world out there…I’m not getting any younger.  And I want it.   lol

Did I mention I want to do this?  I know.. hitchhiking.. not safe… blah blah blah.. new place, scary.  Whatever, everything is scary.  😉

So…. Now I choose.


Comments on: "So…Here IT Is… Door SLAMS Shut..Door Opens." (2)

  1. Yeah, the hitchhiking bit is just a joke. LOL I’m not a real big fan of creepy people in cars. LOL

    I think I do @dam… I’ve wanted to for a very long time. And I’ll be getting a bike wherever I go. 🙂

    There’s not much keeping me here. Kids are grown up, I’m not working right now… well, it feels like I am because I’m very involved in a lot of issues… but not a permanent job. I paint people’s homes, take pictures and fix computers. I can do those anywhere!

    Have a wonderful day, please! 🙂

  2. I think you have to follow your heart on this one, if this event is enough to make up your mind up, then go for it!
    Life can get very comfortable and many of us very rarely fulfil our goals, ambitions or dreams, if you are at a stage where you can go for it, then why not?

    That said I’d rather you went on your bike, than hitchhike lol.

    Repect and Peace!

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