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So Much Talent!

This internet business is great fun!  I’ve found some amazingly talented people out there… I’m loving it!  So I thought I’d share some of my new goodies with you all here in cyberland. 🙂




Blizz of Rock
Blizz of Rock


it’s an online radio, with a chat room.  They have a schedule posted so you can see when the DJs are on… I do the Saturday night chat with Holly…she’s amazing!  CLICK HERE.

Then we have CARBIDE.  He creates his music on a computer.  I love the music, especially his last one – The Last Soldier.  CLICK HERE to go to his blog… where you can find links to his wonderful music!  OR you can CLICK HERE to go to his MySpace!!

Next up, we have Nick Walsh..Known him since he was a kid..but he’s no child now!  lol  He sings and he’s got a phenomenal voice!  If you love the heavy rock n roll, it’s a must hear!



Nick Walsh
Nick Walsh


You can find his website by CLICKING HERE.

And along the same lines…. another friend of mine, Hellen, has a lovely boyfriend who absolutely whales the tar out of a guitar… hey, that rhymes..maybe I should write songs.  LOL  You can find him, Rick Plester, by CLICKING HERE!  Wicked player!  In his own words?  He PLAYS  F$$$ING ROCK GUITAR!!  And congrats to the happy couple!  They got engaged today!!  Love that!  They’re so cute together!



Rick Plester 

Rick Plester

Rick Plester


Now then…we can’t forget my son.  lol  Kris – he plays electric guitar.  He’s only had it about two years – maybe three now…same time as I’ve had my acoustic and he can PLAY!  Seriously!  CLICK HERE to have a wee listen!  Way to go son!!! xoxo






Now we can move along to Isolysis…. wonderful music!  I found them on facebook and they’re terrific!  CLICK HERE to have a listen!  They do metal rock…. but they aren’t as harsh to listen to as some… I love their sound!





Sanz Moniker!  CLICK HERE to have a listen, they are on myspace.  🙂   Sort of a softer rock. 🙂  Still considered rock, I think…but I find them relatively softer. 🙂

Sanz Moniker

Sanz Moniker



Comments on: "So Much Talent!" (3)

  1. Well, I’ve posted one vid on ms…another is loading now. 🙂

    I can’t do it here…. .flv file type. Pft. lol

  2. Hello @dam! Well, no talent on the net site is going to be complete without your music!!! 🙂 You are very welcome, it’s absolutely my pleasure! 🙂

    I’ll see what I can do about my son’s music… I did download it to my maybe I can post it here. 🙂

    Blessing to you… and I’m not sure, but you are welcome for the rabbits. LOL 😛

  3. Wow and thankyou for the support T !!

    Unfortunately I haven’t a facebook account and can’t listen to your boys music, maybe you’ll have to put it up on myspace for me lol.

    Hope all is good with you and yours and bless ya mother for the rabbits!

    Respect and Peace!

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