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Blue Man Group

Ever heard of them?  lol  They are simply wonderful!  They are a group of musicians with blue faces and hands…. and they drum on things.  They use a lot of color and some very interesting objects!  And they have a wicked sense of humor!   Definitely a MUST SEE!!


Comments on: "Blue Man Group" (2)

  1. I loved the subway thing!!! What a laugh!

    I just never know how much I can add to a post without overdoing it, so I tend to add one or two and folks can go searching for more if they are interested. lol

    I found them years ago and emailed myself the links… so yesterday I was hunting for something else, can’t even remember what now… ha… and found them. Thought it might be interesting to put them up… I love the color and sense of humor they have more than their *band* bit, too…

    It’s too bad they got all boring. lol When people find something creative and interesting they shouldn’t mess with it. ha!

    Great to see you as always!!
    Have a lovely day!

  2. I remember these dudes and they were funny and made some interesting music, but sadly they seemed to have morphed into something a little more mainstream now.

    The time I saw them, it was just them and they rocked. But with the whole rock band thing, it just didn’t look or feel that good to me…..sorry.

    After watching the first vid, i had a look on youtube for some of their early stuff, didn’t find any, but did find the subway sketch, that’s defo worth watching…..quite clever.

    Respect and Peace!

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