According to me…..

Wingless Fly?

How creepy – a fly without wings… in my kitchen.  And yes, I do know the joke… what is a fly without wings… a walk… and this one was!  lol

Wingless Fly

Wingless Fly

This isn’t a very good picture of it, but it ran away and I can’t find it now.  lol  I’ve never seen a wingless fly before… what is the purpose of that?  How can that survive?  It’s very odd.


Comments on: "Wingless Fly?" (4)

  1. Ha ha, I remember that scene from Karate Kid. 🙂

    He wasn’t posing, he was running from me and stopped to look over his shoulder. LOL

  2. hahahahahaha…good one. What,…was it playing chicken with Mr. Miagi ( karate kid ) and his chopsticks? lol
    great shot! How did you get him to pose? hahaha

  3. How strange! I wonder how it lost them? Or if it ever had them to begin with? Poor little guy!

    Oh, well. I’d have to think flying is a nice luxury in the insect world, so now he’s just like the normal guys!

    Cool find, take care!

    • Seriously, eh? Poor wee thing. lol Still, creepy! lol

      I wish the pix came out better….didn’t realize they were so dark. 😦

      Have a phenomenal day!

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