According to me…..


So hard to build up – to earn or give…and so easily ruined.  One short moment in time, one little misstep.

A friend of mine (David) posted this today and it’s so good. lol  I had to share it!

Many of us have a hard time trusting others due to experience.

David says that when he is asked *why it is so hard for him to trust*, he asks *why is it so hard to keep a promise?*

I agree.  I was once told – *start out as you mean to continue*… so apt.  Don’t promise what you can’t stick to.  Your word is all you have.  You get one true chance to prove you are trustworthy – because after that?  There will always be that little niggle of doubt.  That twinge of guilt, or hurt.  A relationship – of any kind – destroyed.

Trust is the very foundation of what a relationship requires…once gone, it cannot be replaced.  You cannot UNDO or UNSAY or UNSEE … so don’t cross that line.  Unless you mean it.

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