According to me…..

Is this guy for real?  He really thinks he’ll get elected or chosen for ANYTHING???

The entire world is trying to go *green*.  Environment is it… leave your cars at home, take public transit, bike ride… and what is he saying?

No one bikes.  Roads are meant for cars and trucks and too bad for cyclists that get killed.  No, we don’t need bike lanes.  Roads are not for bikes… it’s like swimming with sharks.  You take your chances.

I’m so angry I could spit.  DOWN WITH YOU MR.  STINKING STINKO FORD.  😦  Boooo!!!  What a total jackass.  I mean, did he just recently crawl out of a cave?


Comments on: "Rob Ford – Cyclists" (2)

  1. His heart bleeds……what a doughnut!!

    What chance have we got with people like him in government??

    Let’s hope the majority in the vote, decide he is a fool and send him packing!……on yer bike mate!

    Respect and Peace!

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