According to me…..

A Wonderful Girl

Shirley Temple, number two!

Shirley Temple, number two!

A giggle!

A giggle!

We had a BBQ at the Centre I volunteer at.. and I got pictures of this girl… the pix don’t do her justice.  She was like Shirley Temple.  Just the cutest wee thing you ever saw!!  She was giggling and clapping her hands and squealing in delight!  lol  And when she spoke?  She was a clone – Shirley Temple reborn. 🙂



Too cute

Too cute


Comments on: "A Wonderful Girl" (4)

  1. Shirley Temple is back! Aw, look at those cute, bouncy, curly locks shining in the sun! The last one has to be my favorite. Excellent shots, Serenity!

  2. Thanks…about the shots. 🙂 She was easy to catch as there were so many cute shots. She was just adorable… kids at that age are so innocent and love to explore and learn! We could all learn from them! The feeling of surprise at something wonderful…
    I think this is why I buy side walk chalk and bubbles every summer. lol These are the *must haves* in my life. 🙂

    I hope you have a most creative and giggly day! 🙂

  3. Adorable! Great shots of her especially the giggle. Reminds me of my own. I have one who is still a babe of 4 and the rest have sprouted. I love them when they are little and full of laughs and imagination. WHy do we have to lose that when we grow up? I have been doing some thinking. I have been doing some reading. And it is all so serious…I think that is why I posted on the movie “Whatever Works”…the last few lines of the movie make sense to me….and my so cynical self that I can be sometimes….and then remind myself to be happy and love.
    Googles of friendly smiles to you!

    • Isn’t she just a doll? Everyone who saw the pix was like *who is that sweetheart?*… lol I just loved her…and giggly like crazy! You had to giggle just hearing her!! 🙂
      Thanks for the compliment on the shots…but I have to say, she sure made it easy! 🙂

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