According to me…..

Real Men…

I don’t know why.  I just love this picture…and I’m very sad that I can’t seem to find the larger one I had. lol


Comments on: "Real Men…" (2)

  1. Ha ha..I knew someone would ask me that. lol

    It was just the title of the picture. lol It meant nothing to me and so I used it for a heading. Mwa ha ha!

    I think men are lovely. 🙂 I also think women are lovely. lol

    Most of both…anyway!!! 🙂

    Have a super day, please! Thanks *male*. lol

  2. Hi T – It’s a great picture no doubt, but please tell what is the relevance to the post title. Do real men freak you out?

    Also how do you define a real man? It’s always interesting to hear what the fairer sex make of us, lol.

    Respect and Peace!

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