According to me…..


So today my friend posted that she saw a black t-shirt..and on it was COEXIST.

I mentioned that I’d never heard of it… I guess I’m the only one!  lol

Right after that, my friend Dan posts this on my fb

… so odd, the timing!!

Ok, now I have to know what the story is.  lol  I go looking!  And find all sorts of stuff…so here it is.. my research on this COEXIST business!

First of all, there are different versions of it… the two above, and three below.

Fancy, eh?


I googled… and of course, first thing I see is the definition….

coexist [ˌkəʊɪgˈzɪst]

vb (intr)

1. to exist together at the same time or in the same place
2. to exist together in peace

coexistence n
coexistent adj

BUT…then I search deeper…where did this come from?  How does everyone on the planet know of it but me?  lol

The Coexist Foundation is a charity established in 2006 to promote better understanding between Jews, Christians and Muslims – the Abrahamic Faiths – through education, dialogue and research. Through the projects and programmes which we support, we hope to help people of these faiths improve their relations – above all with each other, but also with different faiths, and with those of no faith.

Comments on: "Coexist" (4)

  1. OOOOH! I really like this! I have seen the shirts before in the past, but usually worn by some gothic grunge groupie. I really like that you actually looked into it and love the different signs. Love it! I am a firm believer in it! Religion only sucks because of people. We all respect a higher being than ourselves and we all should love each other and “coexist” despite our beliefs of who we think he, she or it is… should be the only true religion. THANKS for the blog post! 😀

  2. I completely agree! It’s science OR religion to my mind.

    AND I’m also spiritual, but I don’t follow any of the conventional religions. I’m more wiccan / native.

    I think that people in *religion* may need something like this concept… because there are extremists… and maybe a step back would benefit all of us. lol 🙂

    Have a great day!!! 🙂

  3. I didn’t know either and it seems like a nice idea and the ideal really, we should be able to coexist whatever our persuasion.

    I’d imagine there are some interesting debates between the scientists and the religious groups. In my humble opinion, lol, you can’t be a scientist and a believer in Gods; but I’m sure there are plenty of scientists who’d disagree.

    I think faith is a personal thing and as soon as it gets organised and put in a pigeon hole, it loses it’s appeal for me.

    I’m not religious but I’d say I was spiritual, I believe in energies that we don’t understand. Morally I require no guidance with what I consider to be right or wrong; I know instinctively what feels right.

    Having said that, I’m sure that’s down to 2000’s years of moral evolution / programming, via the religious systems.

    Interesting stuff here….thanks

    Respect and Peace!

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