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@dam – over at Adam Had’em – wrote this poem!  I’m so honored and chuffed to bits!!!  🙂  I love when more people get involved and care!

Some days – you wonder about this world we live in and then someone comes along and shows us what it’s all about.  🙂  Thank you @dam!

This Poem is inspired by Serenity Unicorn and her passionate fight against poverty and famine in the first world.



From day to day we wonder,

Are we to eat today?

My family has no money,

In poverty we stay.

Nearly collapsed this morning,

Energy is scarce for me,

Amnesiacs hear my warning,

No food for my family!

Don’t have the fists to fight.

Please we cry “Give us aide”

Obese you sit and stare,

Vilified and petrified we’re staid,

Ensnared in our despair,

Return with zero, nada, zip and nought,

Toiling to feed your family is,

Your only food for thought!

Respect and Peace!



Comments on: "Breadline" (5)

  1. I wrote a paper on it actually and collected quite a bit of information on several different organizations helping in several different countries. 5 billion dollars was recently awarded by the U.S. to help with poverty in one country, yet our deficit is nearly the same….most of these countries, have three levels of poverty and sadly a majority live in the third level….extreme poverty, living off less than 2 dollars a day. It boils down to bad government rule and severe lack of education, with some aspects falling under environmental concerns. It was a long in-depth paper with my ideas of what should be dne to better the situation for one particluar country.
    Made me wish I was more than one person so I could send myself there to help.

    • YOU are fantastic. I can’t believe you looked into ti so much.

      We can all make a difference though…maybe not everywhere, but where we are. 🙂

  2. Good morning!

    @dam…after watching that video you put up – I’m sure it’s much worse than I imagined also. It’s odd. I always thought about going to a third world country and helping out, but it turns out that I don’t need to go anywhere… we have it right here. 😦 There’s always ways to help out, @dam! That would be so wonderful if you got involved some way… although I know that with two kids and working you probably don’t have a ton of spare time….. and – just a thought – kids love to be involved too! 🙂

    Rhetorical…people that have enough do take it for granted I’m afraid. Luckily there are others who are willing to fight for the ones who have nothing. 🙂

    Have a most auspicious day!

  3. I’m now wondering how widespread this problem really is?

    I feel some research coming on, there maybe more I can do in my own country…….instead of just writing about it; there maybe a need to act!!

    Respect and Peace!

  4. it is very sad…poverty…and lack of education both. the things we have been given or have taken for granted as a regular staple of life. glad to see that there are more than just a handful of those who do care. 🙂

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