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So… on Wednesday we attended a rally and march.  It was put on by OCAP (Ontario Coalition Against Poverty).

Our Banner

Our Banner

When we arrived at 900 Bay – it was a rally – and then there was an announcement that we were going on a march – to an undisclosed location!!!  Now you’re talking!  lol  Off we went!  I thought things were a little odd when we turned down a street that they don’t normally march on. lol  And I was right!  Next thing I know there is a banner dropped out of a window in a building beside us and John Clarke is speaking on a microphone!!!  MY John Clarke!  lol

John Clarke at the Liberal's Office

John Clarke at the Liberal's Office

There were ten people that went inside the Liberal’s office… and they all ended up illegally arrested.  One woman was in a wheelchair, Anne.. and she uses a board to point at for speaking.  Her assistant speaks vocally for her.  They detained both women for longer than the others and even separated them upstairs.



This is a human rights violation!  Both women were later released and charged.

Anne and Her Assistant

Anne and Her Assistant

Anne is a very outspoken individual!  lol  She’s very feisty… the police assumed that she was being used by OCAP – that she didn’t have a brain… well, she told us all in no uncertain terms just what she thought of THAT!  lol  Even used the F word.  lol  She said they were able-ist creeps!

From there we all went to the police station, 52 Division, where the others were being held.  We waited for a few hours, but in the end we were told that all would be held overnight.  They went to court the next morning…so we went home.


Comments on: "July 21, OCAP Rally" (3)

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  2. Fight the Power!! I really hope you and your friends get some results with your protesting; fighting poverty is really important!

    You have my admiration and respect.

    Respect and Peace!

    • Ah, thanks so much @dam!! I hope so too… probably not, but it’s worth trying.
      And if we did nothing, we’d win nothing anyway. 🙂
      Have a wonderful day!

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