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Giant Hogweed

Yesterday in the news it was reported that there were Giant Hogweed plants discovered in downtown Toronto, on Rose Ave.

Giant Hogweed is a noxious plant that, if you touch the sap, can cause your skin to blister and peel like a bad sunburn (phytophotodermatitis), and you can go temporarily or permanently blind if you rub it in your eyes.  So a home owner (Bob Olson) discovered some at the base of his fire escape.  Then he noticed some in his neighbors yard.  The city came in and taped off the area.  The ones with flowers will produce more plants if left there, the ones without are under a year old and will not.

Giant Hogweed

Giant Hogweed

Without Flowers

Without Flowers

With Flowers

With Flowers

When I first arrived at Rose Ave to get pix I asked a woman if she knew where the house was with the Hogweed… she says, Hogweed?  What’s that??  I don’t know anything about it.  I turn around and DIRECTLY across from her house is THE taped off house.  lol  I said to her *how can you not know anything about it?  It’s right there!  That’s like showing up in the middle of the G20 rally and asking what’s going on!*

Me and HogWeed - Taken by Jack Boland from the Sun

Me and HogWeed - Taken by Jack Boland from the Sun - I'm a SUPER STAR NOW! lol Ms. Hogweed 2010

So I go over to the house in question and speak with Jack Boland from the Sun newspaper..he’s there to take pix too (I let him!  lol).  We spoke with the owner..and the general consensus was that the woman across the street that I had spoken to had been the one planting these around the area. lol  She had a 7 foot plant before I arrived…but it was gone.

After the city came to clean it I went back to get more pix.  This stuff has roots like carrots so it must be repeatedly mowed, and or dug up.

After it's cut down?

After it's cut down?

This is what I saw, pretty slapstick way of getting rid of something so dangerous, eh?  I hope they don’t have kids in that house… and after cutting it down I imagine there is a lot of that juice laying around… animals?  There were at least a dozen pigeons eating from the grass around it and squirrels running amok in both yards.

To read more, CLICK HERE.


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