According to me…..

I was out biking tonight – actually going to my daughter’s baseball game and as I was riding through the ravine (bike path / walking path) I got to taking pix…. yes, as I was riding. lol  You see those folks using cell phones and riding? lol  How about a camera and riding!  Heh… but I wasn’t doing it in traffic.  And I only saw two other people down there, so no one was in any danger of my antics. lol

Anyway, got a couple of good shots… here they are. 🙂  (Remember, be gentle with me, I was riding at the time!!!  lol )


Ha, the end of the road. lol


Comments on: "Biking AND Taking Pix! lol" (2)

  1. Isn’t it lovely? And to think I only saw two other people down there… I think it’s a five kilometer path…. must have been the heat, I think. 🙂

    Yes, the end of the road, back to civilization? lol Pfft.

    I can’t believe the pix came out so well, considering I was moving and trying to steer at the same time. lol 😉 It was fun!

  2. OH, My! I think I am in love with your bike path! and don’t we just all hate the end of the road?hahahaha
    but really, I love your passing pics! 😀

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