According to me…..

Cat’s AWAY!

Woooo Hoooo!

It’s not like I have an issue with my roommate. lol  It’s just we are ALWAYS both here… this is the first time since I moved in a year ago that I have the place to myself!!!   I mean, I’ve stayed at friends, it’s not like I haven’t gotten away – but that’s still WITH another human.  I get three or four days HUMAN free. lol  And I can’t think of a single thing I want to do.  LOL

Seriously – personal space is so important.  My roomy works a job that doesn’t require him to go in a lot…he can work from home on his computer, so often times he is home.   And if he does go in, it’s brief…couple of hours… There are the odd days he is in all day, but they are specific *production* days.   And rare. lol

Now, it’s not about him…he’s cool… but having some alone time is important and I’m rather looking forward to a little head space.  I can play music without worrying about someone else not being in the mood to hear that.  I can play my guitar without being concerned over someone listening as I practice repeated chords.  I can well, that’s all really. lol  I really love music and he is a tv kinda person….so usually we both use headphones to coexist.  I’m in the dining room on my computer and he is in the living room on tv… but they are joined rooms..separated only by a wall unit….

And speaking of which, I’m going.  I have music to put on!!!  It’s funny, I feel like a kid who’s parent’s have gone away for the weekend.  I feel like I should have a party or something. lol  But I don’t want one.  Heh. Maybe I’ll paint the entire apartment.  Mwa ha ha!!!


Comments on: "Cat’s AWAY!" (5)

  1. LOL you guys are terrific! lol

    I ended up going out and playing… lol My big chance to have the place alone and I went out!

    BUT…I still have tonight… he’s home tomorrow morning. lol

  2. Soda said:

    Mah HAHAHAHHAH ~! Go For It Tracy ~! love to ya ~!

  3. OMG! I know just how you feel!!!!!! yes,…I do! I can’t wait for the times I have to myself…I always wish for more, so I can write! But I do not feel too much like writing on anything, if you read my post, but you already knew everything…it was jusr re-inspired by seeing him from afar. And a dream I had. Anyway,..enough about jerks…. I hope you play the hell out of your guitar and please do paint the whole apartment…that would be a site to see his face when he came back…LOL! Now, play little mouse, play! The Cat’s away! 🙂

  4. Oh no..this is a vacation at home!!! lol I would go on vacation when he is here. LOL 😉

    I have space and time and room to myself! And this is a very exciting weekend in Toronto – Pride…so there are lots of things to do in the daytime! It’s just like a vacation, Kali! lol 🙂

    Have a wonderful day!

  5. Go on a vacation

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