According to me…..

I live in a building and we have laundry down in the basement.  I’ve never had a problem here except for parents allowing their children to go around opening all the dryers…. so you have to wait another hour, pay another two bucks.

Today I can no longer say that… someone stole an entire dark load of laundry out of the washer.  I mean, they must have been hovering over it waiting for the light to click off because I set my alarm on my phone and go down right away…usually just before the washers finish.  But these machines you can’t open before the light goes out… so they must have waited, grabbed it and ran.

How freakin’ stinko is that?  What a great world we live in.  Wonderful morals.  And if they live in this building, do they not think I’ll recognize my clothes?  My roommate’s stuff was in there too… half his work pants and shirts.  I don’t even know what’s missing yet as the other two loads are drying.

I’m really sad about this… it’s really rude and mean.  I have one word for the stinking thief and that’s KARMA.

What makes folks think it’s ok to just take what they want?  I’m not rich.  I’d like to be able to say *they must have needed them more*, but dammit – I don’t have much in the way of clothing as it is…. sigh.

OH LUCKY DAY!!!  THEY RETURNED IT!  It must have been a mistake… it was put back on top of the washer from whence it came. lol

I love saying whence…

So?  Moral of the story?  Stay downstairs with yer stuff!


Comments on: "Great, just Great." (4)

  1. drachenlady said:

    *note to myself* Always check if the clothes I am taking out of the washer are really mine *note end*
    Okay, this can’t really happen to me since the washer and dryer are in my appartment but if I move to a place where this is not possible I will remember to make sure I am taking only my clothes ^^

    • LOL
      I’m just glad they were returned! They didn’t have to be. lol

      ~~ The thing I don’t get is it was my middle washer.

      I’m not really sure how one takes clothes that aren’t theirs. lol I would notice, I like to believe. 🙂

  2. LOL No, sorry, no sheets in the pile.

    I did get lucky, I guess someone made a mistake… I can’t believe it… I think I’m more stunned than when I thought it was all gone for good! lol

    Humans…they can surprise you sometimes. 🙂

  3. yeap you got it girlfriend! By the way did you find my sheets from 4 years ago? Just wondering if the returned it with yours (lol)

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