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So tonight I was asked if there was any particular reason for not watching tv.  I don’t watch it.  I’ll download a decent show here or there if someone tells me about it and it sounds interesting.   But I never really understood wasting so much time zoned out in front of those boxes.

I remember as a child – my dad watching re-runs… Star Wars, Mash… etc.  Over and over – same stuff…. Gah.

Then I got married, and he did the same thing!  WHAT is with THAT?  What pleasure is there in watching re-runs?  lol  True, I’ll watch a movie twice, if it’s super good…but come now.  Every night?  lol

When my kids were small I got rid of the tv.  They had books, and lego and bikes.  They learned to be creative and to think for themselves.  They are both incredibly smart, and literate.  Their creativity is boundless!  My son plays electric guitar and he’s learning to speak German, attends university.  My daughter plays baseball for two leagues and paints, uses clay, you name it.  Their sense of humor is brilliant!  You have no idea how many times I was called into their schools or sent home papers because teachers didn’t appreciate that my kids stood up for themselves and spoke up.  I was always so proud of them, for not being sheep.  For being independent and strong.  For speaking their minds.  I think it made the world of difference.

I believe that all this tv and computers, cell phones, texting – makes for an obese and lazy society… get outside!  Live life..get involved.  Laugh, bike, swim, play sports, rally, march, protest, read a book, see friends, learn something new, take photos, paint, write, create, learn an instrument…for pity’s sakes, there’s a whole world out there.  Not just that.. .it tends to bring people closer.  You spend time together doing things rather than vegging in front of a box, coexisting.  Not knowing each other.

It’s kind of like my theory on reading the paper every morning.  I know it’s out there.  I know there are shootings and killings and abuse and all sorts of horrible things going on.  Why would I start out each day with so much negative input?  If there is truly something important going on (not that the above mentioned are not), everyone is talking about it…then I go and research it.  But that’s another blog. lol

Sitting in front of a tv with your mouth hanging open, watching re-runs, is NOT living!!!  It’s passing time you’ll never get back.


Comments on: "Television. Blech." (2)

  1. lol I know the feeling with the hangover rescue thing. lol

    Yes, when I was growing up we all sat around and basically dad watched his shows….
    The my hubby did it and the kids started glazing over. 🙂

    I think it’s ok in moderation – I don’t feel to own one because I don’t care for it and I’m not saying it doesn’t have it’s good moments… but yes, vegging… urg.


  2. Amen – couldn’t agree more – I watch more TV than you, but by modern standards not a lot, the computer gets far more attention, I crave the interaction.

    As far as getting out there and experiencing stuff? It would be a terrible waste not too and so many make the choice to sit in and veg out!

    In fact, some of the only vegetables people see are their family members watching TV with them, a great shame.

    I’m not perfect, but I prefer to use my mind and body as much as possible, I try and encourage this with my family; but also concede that sometimes the TV has come to the rescue; when trying to entertain the kids with a hangover!!

    Respect and Peace!

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