According to me…..


What a wonderful way to wake up from a lovely afternoon nap! lol  NOT.

I’m in a building, on the top floor – 12 up – and we get a 5.5.  Now I know that doesn’t seem an awful lot, but we shook babies, we shook.

Not a nice way to wake up – felt nauseous for a while after…but now I can say I survived the Toronto Earthquake of 2010. LOL

Looks normal out there, now.  lol

My second cousin, in England just laughed at us.  🙂


Comments on: "Earthquake…" (6)

  1. LOL Good morning, Rhetorical!
    Well, things rattled here… some folks say stuff jumped off walls where they were, but we just – well, really – swayed is more like it!
    I don’t know how folks live in places where this happens all the time – especially bigger… egads!!
    I had a shake free day, thanks!! lol

    Have a most wonderful day, please!

  2. oh, my!
    I have never felt one,…i bet it is a strange way to wake up! my sister used to live in Fairfield, CA and they had a few in the years she was there,…that were not so big, but enough to rattle things. She said it made her nervous.
    Hope today things are better and NO more earthquakes…or maybe you should take a vacation a few hundred miles away just for a couple days, in case there are aftershocks a tiny bit bigger…top floors aren’t condusive to those, though they make for good scenery in photos!
    Have a great day,dearie!

  3. Good one, Adam. 🙂 Either that or Quebec is trying to separate again!!! lol


  4. The G20 dropped their wallets again….hey!

    Glad all is well in your town, fake lakes and earthquakes!!

    Take Care

  5. LOL yes, the slogan is good. Someone I know said it first… I snarfed it. 🙂

    It wasn’t nice. lol And thanks! 😉

    Have a great day!

  6. drachenlady said:

    Oh, that doesn’t sound too nice… But you have a nice t-shirt slogan there 😉

    All the best wishes


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