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06/17/2010 Toronto Star

Washington has issued a travel alert for Americans who live in Toronto or plan to visit the city during the G20 summit.

“Previous G20 summits have drawn large numbers of protesters and activists, and a number of groups have announced plans to demonstrate throughout downtown Toronto,” the U.S. State Department warned in its alert. “Even demonstrations that are meant to be peaceful can become violent and unpredictable. You should avoid them if at all possible.”

The alert also advises U.S. citizens forego travelling in or through downtown Toronto during the summit, anticipating “significant traffic disruption.”

The leaders of the world’s G20 countries will descend on Toronto for the June 26-27 summit and security is tight.

Protests and rallies are expected to begin the week leading up to the summit.

On June 26, thousands are expected to turn out the People First! march, but organizers have vowed that the event will be a peaceful, family affair. However, protest organizers have confirmed that numerous activists and labour union members plan to splinter from the larger demonstration and continue a “militant” march to the security perimeter.

Washington says the travel alert expires June 28.

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