According to me…..


Funny, funny stuff.  Life’s little quirks

I’m very anal about typos.  When I read a book I am SO tempted to underline them when I find them.  I have too much respect for books to actually do it, but I always want to.  It somehow ruins the story for me a little when I find them.  I have also written in to news stations to let them know when their scrolling news has errors.  lol  I’m seeing more and more with automated spell checks.  I suppose it’s because I always read a lot that I see them.  But some of them are funny and worth mention.

Today – someone posted on facebook – << little arrows pointing at their picture and the word Idot.  lol  I think they were trying to say they were an idiot.  I don’t have the heart to point out the typo – but thought it rather funny that they’re calling themselves an idiot AND they spelled it wrong.  lol  Sort of backs up their claim.  lol  I know, that’s mean.  But funny in it’s own little way.

Let me clarify – I don’t think that person is an idiot – and I don’t like to see people put themselves down.  It just seems appropriate to call yourself an idiot and spell it wrong.  It’s like proof. lol

Another one I liked was when someone posted that they were GARDUATING. lol  I mentioned that it certainly wasn’t English.  lol

And as far as that goes… when you type anything now on nearly any site or program – if you spell something wrong it gets a little red line under it.  How can that be missed? lol

Ah well, it’s 10:00 and I’m bored already – things to do that I don’t want to do.  Off I go. 🙂


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