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This just happened, Friday – in UTAH??  lol  I’m a little shocked.  I just happened upon the article in Wikipedia – current events.

If you were convicted before 2004 you can opt for this method, as opposed to lethal injection.  It seems so barbaric.  lol  I don’t know why – I guess I didn’t realize this was still practiced.  Five gunmen – none told who had blanks for bullets – count down from five and shoot on two.  The man was a murderer on trial and during his attempt to escape he killed another person.  He chose to be shot because that’s how he killed his victims.  Ronnie Lee Gardner.

I’m not against killing prisoners of exceptionally harsh crimes, especially those concerning children, or the helpless.  I don’t see why they should get to live after taking a life.  And I don’t think they’ll reform.  They essentially go to jail and learn more criminal behaviours, if you ask me.  But I thought the world was on lethal injection.  I know that the Don Jail here in Toronto hasn’t had any hangings since 1962 when capitol punishment was abolished.

Just seems so odd to me.


Comments on: "Death by Firing Squad?" (2)

  1. I agree with you. They shouldn’t get to choose anything… and it should be painful and as soon as they are thoroughly convicted. I can’t believe how long they let them sit in jail before they do it. If they are going to keep them that long, they could at least torture them. 😉

    Love how you signed off. 🙂

  2. I saw that story too and at first I also thought wow, but now I’ve considered it, I am disappointed that the killer still had a choice!

    Too much is in favour of the criminal these days, how long had this man been on death row for goodness sake, he’s still had his life!

    I cannot get my head around the procedure, convicted killer gets death sentence, no doubt there is an appeal procedure, get it done quickly and if still guilty kill them!

    Where is the justice for the families? The families that know that their loved ones killer is still enjoying a life.
    As for the method? As painful as possible if you ask me!

    Respect and Peace!

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