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Water Testing

So I sent out by mail for a free water testing kit. 🙂

They sent it to me.  It was basically – buy our products and try one strip before using it and one strip after.  I think not. lol

The strips were for testing for hard or soft water.  They say that all water starts out soft…but due to traveling down rocks, hills, environmental issues… it gets harder as it goes.

So I took one and tested our tap water.  Hard.  Almost very hard – in the middle of the two.

Then I tested the Britta filtered water. lol  I always wondered if that Britta filter REALLY did anything…. and I’m happy to report – almost soft.  In the middle of Hard and Soft… So there.  Anyone ever asks me I can say with absolute confidence that a Britta filter makes a difference on the hardness of water.   yay.  🙂


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  1. Well that’s it then….I’m definitely going to get a britta filter now, we’ve been considering it for a while and now I’m on it!
    These blogs are ace, you just don’t know what gems you’re going to uncover lol

    Respect and Peace!

  2. drachenlady said:

    Distilled water actually takes minerals etc. from your body, but water with too many minerals is not good either because it is too ‘full’ and can’t transport the ‘waste’ out of the cells.
    So tap water is fine, if there isn’t too much chorine in it. Filtered water or natural mineral water is the best.

    And it’s always nice to have proof that what you are doing actually works. 🙂

    • Ah… so we are talking about solubility, osmosis, high concentrations vs low… thanks! 😉

      I agree, proof makes me happy! lol

  3. Oh, I so agree! My roommate drinks tap water… but the difference is incredible! All I can taste from tap water is chlorine! I mean, it’s really bad. Might as well go drink out of someone’s pool! lol
    I know that distilled water isn’t good because it’s absolutely empty – it’s pure water and has no minerals to speak of. And that, if you drink it all the time, is just as bad as hard water. But I’m pleased the Britta is *almost* soft and not completely – I think there are benefits to some minerals in the water, depending on what they are, of course. lol
    I use the Britta for everything…coffee… ice cubes, you name it!
    It’s just nice to know something and not just trust, ya know? 🙂

  4. drachenlady said:

    I can also say that they work. My mom is a coffein-junkie and due to our water being very hard we had to buy a new coffeemaker almost every 6 months. Then she bought a Britta filter and ta-da… No more buying coffeemakers!
    And I personally think the filtered water tastes better.

    All the best wishes


  5. Yeah, I always wondered… you know they tell you it does this or that…but who knows for sure. lol 🙂 Now I do. 🙂

  6. Soda said:

    YAY and it does !!!!! BIG TIME ~!

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