According to me…..

Bus Rides


So today I find myself on the bus…which is not unusual.  But today I couldn’t help but notice how rude people have become… not all of them, fortunately, but enough.

The driver kept driving up curbs.  I had a friend who once took their driving test and hit a curb once…test over, fail.  This driver, I’ve had before, and between home and the subway he hits the curb at least five times or more.  Across from me is a woman industriously picking in her nose… for what?  I don’t know.  She didn’t appear to have found anything useful.  Then there’s a woman wanting to get up and the woman beside her simply turns sideways instead of standing up and giving her room to get out.

Is it too much to expect a little courtesy these days?  Like when people get to the top of an escalator or get out of an elevator and just stop.  lol  Do they really think that time is going to stand still for them while they decide what to do?  That no one is coming up fast behind them?  Gah.

Last week I had my guitar and my bike on the subway – it stops, the doors open and there is a woman standing directly in front of me… in the middle of the open doors…so I say * you do realize you are going to have to move, right?*… she had the audacity to bitch me out!!! lol  It’s common knowledge that people get off first, then you get on.  After she told me what her opinion was I asked her if it was really that difficult to see me.  I mean, I had a guitar and a bike.  lol  And even if I didn’t…I’m not that peeny weeny that you can’t see me.  Lordy.

Then you get the good folks.  Hold the elevator for others.  Polite.  Please, thanks.  Excuse me.  They sure make up for the rude ones.  It’s a good thing too.  Pfft.


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