According to me…..

We have two birds here.  They apparently live around here.. and I’m told they fly around a lot.  I never catch sight of them, but today I got lucky and I did!!!  They sound awfully mean when they screetch!  I wouldn’t want them any closer to me!!!

They are gorgeous, huge, scary and beautiful!  We think they may be Red Shouldered Hawks.  I know that the city of Toronto brought hawks in some time ago to deal with pigeons down at City Hall – my friend saw one of them attack a pigeon once.  He wasn’t very impressed.  It swooped down on that pigeon with only one thing in mind.  To kill.  It completely demolished the bird, then flew off…. left it there.  My friend was horrified.

So… without further delay, lol… here’s some pix.  They were far off and getting further, so they’re not very clear!  I’d give my arm for a better camera. lol (Ok, maybe not my arm, but you get the point!!)

~~If you click on the picture, they get big!! ~~  lol

Red Shouldered Hawk - Maybe

Red Shouldered Hawk - Maybe

Red Shouldered Hawk - Maybe 2

Red Shouldered Hawk - Maybe 2

Well, here we go!  I found this great info on LIVING ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE HILL. (Click to read full article. :))

Red-tailed hawks are birds of prey and are great hunters.  They love to perch in high places to spot mice, ground squirrels, rabbits, frogs, snakes and insects.  They can spot a mouse from a height of a mile.  The red-tailed hawk has a wing span ranging from 43 to 56 inches and their average weight is around two and a half pounds.   They migrate south as far as Mexico and South America and breed in spring with their babies born in late spring.

The red-tailed hawk feathers are considered sacred by some people and are sometimes used in religious ceremonies.  They often adorn the regalia of Native Americans in the United States.


Comments on: "Red-Tailed Hawks…..errr…maybe. :)" (3)

  1. LOL You’re too cute. 🙂

  2. as for clicking on the picture to make it look bigger,….well,…now…. that’s what she said….LOL!!

  3. oooh! they are big!

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