According to me…..

I love this little clock!  It totally fascinates me!!!  lol

We had an Earth Day event at South Riverdale and Toronto Hydro attended…. they were informing the public of their new pricing details… whatever.  lol  But they had a wee game, to get you interested and hooked on listening.  You could win prizes!  I won a peeny weeny little clock and it runs on water.  They had other prizes, but I couldn’t believe this clock ran on water and wanted to see for myself.  Uses zinc or some such thing inside.  No batteries, just water.  In fact, just about any liquid!  Juice, beer, water.  Now why, I ask, aren’t we running everything like this?  All you have to do is fill the back up every two weeks or so!  You can even leave the back open, where the water cells are, and put flowers in there. lol  So long as they aren’t too big… it might help you to remember to water them!

Water Powered Clock

Water Powered Clock


Comments on: "My Water Powered Clock" (6)

  1. There is somewhere in Germany, I read, that they have the most in the world of wind turbines and China is aiming to beat that by the end of this year. 🙂

    I don’t think these little clocks are really advertised here. I looked them up on the net and was surprised to find them. Like you, we have the solar stuff, with battery back ups. 🙂

  2. drachenlady said:

    Well, I don’t think we have that many wind turbines here, at least not in my region and I heard about a water-powered clock from you the first time. I admit I don’t pay that much attention to new products but I haven’t seen one in a store yet. They are all powered by batteries or need to be plugged in, the maximum there is are clocks with a little solar panel, but they still have a battery as a back-up system.

  3. Ha ha, thanks Drachenlady!!! lol Enough water. Sadly, that is becoming a concern on this planet!

    Now I thought Germany would have that seeing as how they have so many wind turbines… I thought this sort of thing would be a regular occurrence there???
    Have a most lovely day!

  4. drachenlady said:

    Awesome, I want one of those… No more batteries!
    But I guess it will take a while until they are availabel in Germany.

    All the best wishes and enough water ^^

  5. Because I live in Toronto! LOL We’re overrun here with alien items, and people! I’m one of them, shhh!!! 🙂

    The clock IS super duper cool. I love it. I pick it up in wonder many times a day! lol

  6. Kelly said:

    Well that’s just the coolest thing! Clearly some sort of alien technology, room-temperature hydrogen fusion reaction process is taking place. How come you get to meet aliens?

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