According to me…..


*****If you have a weak stomach, please don’t read this – because that’s another thing I don’t like…when someone gets ill in front of me.  Ha ha ha.


So I was just thinking of things we don’t think of.

When you eat, the food goes down into your tummy… and then through the large intestines, then the small…and out the sphincter muscle it comes…in two formats. lol  This can be solid or gaseous.  Ahem.  So, gas is released, and somehow makes it through your layer(s) of clothing, and it’s free!!!!  This gas is a collection of molecules and they are merrily bumping along, bashing into other molecules, until…. they find MY NOSE.  This is my way of asking that you don’t *accidentally* let one go.  You don’t undo this by giggling or by saying oops.  I don’t want your ass molecules in my nose.  End of story.

Now… next item. lol  When you are on a bus and the windows get all foggy – please refrain from wiping them to see better.  What you are wiping is air and moisture from everyone else on the bus!  They breathed that out… and you are collecting it.

Next item.  lol  Dust… dust is particles of discarded skin.  Please don’t shake my hand after you find the need to run your finger across some dust I’ve forgotten to clean.

And last, but not least…. I was on a bus once and someone pulled out a Kleenex to blow their nose.  (Which is, in and of itself one of my pet peeves – lol)  Now, if the sun hadn’t been shining down on them I might never have known…but it was and I do.   As that ragged, bunched up, I expect pre-used tissue was unfolded, little particles of it flew all over the bus.  And do you know – can you guess – where they went?  IN MY NOSE.   IN EVERYONE’S NOSES.

Ok, that wasn’t last, this is. lol – Although I’m sure I could think of more…. animals.  Come gimme a kiss?  What?  lol  *Go lick yer privates then come immediately here and lick my face, please*…..ugh.

Now, please go and have a most wonderful day. lol  I’m done here.  Ha.




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