According to me…..

Pickering Tree

Pickering Tree

Pickering Tree

This picture has to be one of my all time most fave pix.

It’s a tree. lol  It was night time, and we had ventured into Pickering for an evening of guitaring.  While folks were playing around in the shed with music I wandered out into the night and took a few pictures…. it *obviously* wasn’t this last winter.  lol  We had zero snow this year!  Anyway – it doesn’t look like much here, all small, but large it’s really interesting.  I’ll tell you why, shall I? lol

Because of the snow flakes falling and the camera flash – when you see this pic large the tree appears to be hovering in air, and see through.  I like that you can see a lantern off to one side as well.    🙂  As it stand now, you can’t really see that there is even a tree in the picture.  lol  I went and printed this one up because I love it so much.


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