According to me…..

Some days are just too funny..the things people say… lol

I’ve been laughing so hard today that I’ve got tissues in front of me. lol

First, there was Tori…. she joined a group called *Titanic… I’ll never let you go Jack!  LOL  JK  My arm is hurting, BYE!!!  lol

Then there was Susan:  I tripped on an escalator the other day and spent the next hour and a half falling down the stairs.   lol

And now… Kayla writes, about my new voodoo doll that he looks like a ball of yarn and she would stick him with mini knitting needles.

lol  I know…. they’re all mean in a way, but oh so funny – they’re just hitting my funny bone today. lol  🙂

Oh, and earlier, I found a video on where they put a red gummy bear in a solution and he exploded.   lol  Funny, funny.


Comments on: "Funny Funny FB Today. lol" (1)

  1. Still funny. lol

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