According to me…..



I applied for news alerts from a radio station. lol  And I don’t have a fancy schmancy cell phone, just your regular little screen.  So when I get their messages I only get maybe four words of each item – the rest of the screen is taken up with their announcement that it is them sending it to me. lol

Last Thursday – a week ago – I wrote to them and asked them to remove me from their mailing list… you would think they would make this available on the website – since you can join up for this on their site.  Make sense?  Hmmmm…one would think.  It’s been a week.  They wrote to me yesterday and said they would remove me, finally.  Since my request to be removed I have had texts at midnight.  I’ve had five this morning – between 7 am and 9 am.  So I wrote them a persnickity email stating that it wasn’t rocket science and should be available on the net.  Then I deleted the messages.  WELL…don’t you know it.  The woman writes back and says there must be something wrong with our system – please forward me one of the messages from your account.  Pffft.  lol  So now I’m waiting to get a text.  Ha ha ha.

lol  Good morning high tech world.  Where is my coffee. lol

Report Back:  lol  It’s now almost 11 am…and they’ve finally accomplished the seemingly un-do-able!  Whoot. lol


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