According to me…..

DTM Scarb.

So yesterday we went to the deep dark depths of Scarberia. lol

We went to a centre called The Storefront Scarborough / Residents Rising – they provide all sorts of great resources for their community.  We presented them with the Do The Math tool – between the entire room, we came up with a minimum of 1500.00 a month for one person to live a healthy, dignified life – not luxurious, lol…. just rent, food, transportation, etc.  No extras.  A person on the system get 591.00 – so they start out each month 900.00 in the hole.  It was a really great meeting – we all learned something.  They already have some terrific services so what we do fits right in with them!  They have gardens for folks to grow their own fresh food, and a market – they’ve also been very involved in the TTC battles.  Pretty much everything we are involved in.  It was a great experience – meeting people that are fighting for the same thing – makes it more global – as opposed to just doing our own local things. 🙂


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  1. You’re very welcome, it’ll be nice to see another new face hanging out with us. lol 🙂

    Facebook me, and we’ll figure it out. 🙂

  2. Hey Darlin!! Nice to *see* you again! lol

    I have both of our next projects listed on the front page of my blog – they are *sticky* which means they won’t move down as I put up more info…so they are at the very first things you’ll see.

    We do need help on June 1st (next Tues)… it’s world hunger day and we are handing out leaflets by Gerrard Square, if you are free!! 🙂 It’s at noon.
    Just an hour or so…. weather permitting! lol

    So if you just click on Serenity Unicorn’s Blog – the big writing up there, you can see the front page.

    Also, our next meeting at South Riverdale is on June 2nd. 🙂 ( Next Wed) This one is at 10:00 – 12:00. And right after that meeting is the new group that the centre has started up, called QUAC. It’s basically advocating for queer rights and fighting phobia – and we are gearing up to do pride things!! I’m sure they’d love more help! They don’t start their meeting until 1:00.

    If you want to participate in either of these things, let me know..we could always meet up somewhere or whatnot. 🙂

    Have a great day, please!

    • Kayla said:

      yeah im definitely up for both! 😉 ill mesg you if i have any questions.
      yeah ill probably have to meet up with you somewhere, i get easily lost 😛 thanks for the invites

  3. Kayla said:

    Let me know of the next meetup, sounded very interesting. 😀

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