According to me…..

Siblings. lol

Not Touching

Not Touching

Mom, he’s touching me….. are we there yet?  Stop breathing on me.  He’s touching meeeeee!


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  1. I gotta say – CONGRATS! Game well played with the door of the car. lol

    I’m not tired!!! I’m NOT TIRED!!!
    In the summer, at the cottage, we used to literally move the hand on the clock – it was the only one up there – ahead one hour. You know they’ve been outside all day running, swimming, etc… they’ve eaten well, had fresh air – they’re cranky…. so you say – well, you know what your bedtime is…go tell me what time it is. lol They come back and report that it’s bedtime, BUT WE’RE NOT TIRED!! They crash out within seconds of laying down. lol

  2. Lol.

    It’s mine!! I was playing with that!! They’re my friends not yours!! You’re too young to come with us!! Give him his sweets back!!

    Their favourite at the moment is racing everywhere, they must beat each other, from the car to the door of the house is the current duel of choice. In total a 10 step race of such huge importance that tears are spilt by the unlucky loser. The key to victory isn’t the run, it’s seat choice, this race starts before we journey home. This tactic is cruelly ruined by my apparent randomness of door opening!

  3. LOL and mother’s can do that backwards hitting thing without even looking! lol

  4. Kelly said:

    Don’t you make me stop this car! Wait ’till your father finds out! STOP TOUCHING HER!!! Ok, that’s IT!

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