According to me…..


It’s the May 24 Weekend!!  Beginning of summer to most, a time to open up cottages, light the BBQ, and see fireworks!!

If you can’t get out to see them, you can do it online!  I love this thing….been doing it for years. lol

Just click your mouse across the screen!!  The faster the better all in a row. lol


And if that’s not to your liking – here’s another link to a sparkly, pretty thing. lol

Grab a ring and toss it around… mouse drag. 🙂

Thanks Michelle!  🙂


OR, for the perverse – I love this as well.  lol

Thanks to Peter!


OR OR OR… ha ha… this is fun (mind you, I think they ruined it by changing the sounds, but here ya go!)



Comments on: "Fireworks!" (2)

  1. My dog used to do that… hide under the bed and shake for days… didn’t want to go out to do her business, either. 😉

    Thanks for the link fix. 🙂 I’ve updated it!

  2. drachenlady said:

    The first two links are awesome. My dog is very sensitiv about fireworks, so we have to stay inside, close the windows and turn the music really loud. Now I can see fireworks whenever I want to. Thanks for that.
    And the virtual bubble wrap page is great, you can buy a calender made of bubble wrapping! But that wouldn’t last long with me, just like advent calenders. By the way, the link does not work properly. There is one w too much and a missing dot, thats the correct link:

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