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Big Brother

Bureaucrats eyeing online forums to correct misinformation

Steve Lambert, The Canadian Press May 23, 2010 10:16:31 AM //

The next time you post an opinion in an online forum or a Facebook group message board, don’t be surprised if you get a rebuttal from a federal employee.

The government is looking for ways to monitor online chatter about political issues and correct what it perceives as misinformation.

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  1. And. lol As to creating a group on fb concerning poverty – it’s been done… by recession relief coalition, put food in the budget and they are doing great things – keeping people informed…. but who knows what effect it’s having. lol 🙂

    • I’m sure awareness can only be a good thing. I’m concerned by some of the things you say Tracy, is your country in a mess or something. It’s seems like there is quite a lot of anxiety about your government, are people living in fear of oppression?
      Forgive my ignorance, was the winter Olympics in Toronto? I remember there being some riots over the heavy handed policing of the event and the ridiculous amount of money the spent on security and dare we say it…….back-handers.

      • It’s a mess. lol No one likes the gov. No one trusts them… as with many places. I’ve just started learning about all this and from what I read and see… it’s a little scary.

        Security – I don’t understand…. I mean, we are all pretty friendly here and yet they are shutting down our CN Tower, and using buildings with boarded up windows. The police have been showing such a heavy presence it’s creepy. And they are stockpiling foods IN CASE? lol In case of what? This is Toronto…. It’s like suddenly everything is backwards. Or maybe I’m just seeing it. I don’t normally read or listen to the news. I may have mentioned this before. I find it depressing. Yes, I know there are murders, rapes and whatnot…everyday. It’s depressing to start every day thinking on that…so I used to avoid it. Politics? I was never interested in. Since I’ve been with this group and working on this one topic of poverty I’m starting to pay attention and all is not right. lol Not at all.
        And Canadians are known for being *sheep*, for following along… but can’t they see this? What’s really going on? I don’t get why they don’t see it…. is it just easier?

        I don’t know the answers. I don’t know if I’m paranoid. I just know that to me? It feels a tad off.

  2. Respect and Post… lol 🙂

    Yes, it could be a good thing, but it can so easily change for the worse. I mean – what if they deem someone’s views as not what they intended…. is freedom of speech going here? What if it’s simply your take on it or your interpretation – or something happened to make you see something in a different light….

    I do understand that public posting has become very powerful. It’s noted a lot now…. petitions on facebook did this or that.

    I hope they do use it for the right things. Public posting is powerful – and they are getting into it as well…. it’s like massive control. Sending their troops out to *correct* what people are saying. lol

    I guess time will tell. 🙂

    Respect to you. 🙂

  3. Ok, Big brother maybe, but I’m sure the intentions are pure, imagine how frustrating it must be to spend your time developing a project and then for someone to get the wrong end of the stick and hammer it online.
    I actually think the Governments of the world are now tuning in to where the debate is at and it’s online big time!
    In our elections we had nearly all the MP’s tweeting and facebooking, which means they understand how to reach the public and engage in social dialogue.

    So, yes this sort of thing could always be viewed negatively, but I’d go for the positive angle: something you say on facebook could change the policy of your country!! In fact with all the hard work you’re putting into the poverty of your city, if you formed a group on facebook, you might just achieve some countrywide (worldwide) coverage for the plight of your people.

    Respect and Post


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