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When we revealed that there were seven Banksy pieces in Toronto, one thing we didn’t reveal were those pieces’ locations. We were initially sworn to secrecy—or at least vagueness—from one of our sources; there were concerns that disclosing the precise locations could lead to pieces being stolen or damaged.

Now, a few days and a good amount of damage later, we think it’s time to point the Banksy-hunting masses in the right direction.

We’re doing this for a few reasons. For one, the pieces are public, and meant for the public, for better or worse. Their accessibility is part of their form—and Banksy often makes it part of his (hers? their?) work’s content. The internet is the internet; we want you to see what’s left of the work yourselves, on the street. The pieces, as well, are disappearing fast—there are now just three fully intact ones left, and one of those is newly behind a protective layer of plastic. What’s more, those who’re committed to ruining the pieces weren’t waiting for an itinerary to do so. And, finally, we spoke to our secrecy-sworn source, and—with some reservations—they agree.

To read more, click HERE!!!

Comments on: "Banksy!!! Now in Toronto!" (4)

  1. Ashley said:

    Very Cool!! Im going on a Bansky hunt this weekend… sad that people distroy his works =(
    I’ll send you the pics if I get any

    • I’d absolutely love to see pix if you get any – sadly they are going fast. I was looking on the net today and I think most of them are gone. If you follow the link on my post you can check which ones to go see… the rat is gone and the one that says 0% interested in people has been painted over…. 😦 Horrid.
      Love to you darlin!!! Have a fun hunt!!!! 🙂

  2. And what a shame people are destroying his work. People are so ignorant.

  3. Awesome, what a talent he is, not just the image but the sentiment as well !! Nice post T, RaP @dam

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