According to me…..

Banishment. lol

Well, I learned my lesson!  And how. lol

lol  I WAS a member of M*dblogz…. (Not allowed to have that here.)  lol

First off.   I was originally asked to remove the link to it by wordpress because of all the spam one gets while using MB.  So I did…. and then after about a week I noticed it was true!  Every comment I ever got on there was spam…. Second?  They have a wee warning… if you delete your blog you CANNOT EVER COME BACK….(Insert scary movie music here – dun dun dun dunnnnn)   Third?  I go there today and there’s an announcement that THEY are going to go through blogs and remove anything THEY deem unimportant / irrelevant?   Really?  lol   Needless to say, I deleted it on the spot – without a second thought.  I don’t care for controlling attitudes.  If it’s my blog, then leave me AND my content be…. it’s like when someone gets on fb and says *I’m going through my contact list, and if you don’t participate, I’ll delete you* – get on with it and PLEASE let me be first!!!  lol    In fact, if I find it first – I’ll do it for you!  How’s that grab you?  lol  Manipulation at it’s finest.  F. O. people – if that’s the only way you can get attention maybe you should just get off the net. lol   So – back from my tangent.  I deleted my account at MB (shudder to think of the consequences.) and they sent me an email – hopefully they’ll see me back in the future?????  Are you kidding me?  lol   Piss off…..quietly, I don’t want to be disturbed any further by you… lol

Rant over.  lol  I’m starting to like this bloggy business. lol


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