According to me…..

It’s freakin’ over!!!!


Warning!  Personal rant to take place now. lol

Why do people think that once a *relationship* of ANY type is over they can still babble at you?  Text, email, call, you name it – so many ways to reach a person now… in the middle of the night, in the middle of the day… interrupting your existence.  Once you make it clear that it’s over… that means done!  I don’t want to hear from you again, right?  Well, you’d think so.  But no…. it has been my experience that folks think *it’s over* means please keep talking AT me.  And it IS AT me because I no longer hear you. When you say to me, *let’s talk* I hear *let me convince you*.  If I see no future in a situation – and I call it done… then it’s done.  What is the point of continuing if there is no future to speak of?  Nothing good for either to be gained?  That’s just hurting both parties, dragging out the inevitable.  I do know, after all, what’s best for me.  Not for you…but for me, absolutely – and I know what’s NOT good for me.  Sometimes a friendship can be maintained… and sometimes it cannot until many years have gone by.  Until the resentment, anger, or whatever has faded so far that it no longer bothers your soul.  It no longer disrupts your sanity. It no longer knots up your insides and corrupts your happiness.  At a time when you are able to be strong and I guess, indifferent.  So what makes that person feel they have the right to your energy after you say Done.  They have no right to your time, your energy – your thoughts… they are no longer an important, integral part of your existence…. yet they persevere.  They don’t like to think that you can so completely put them away?  I guess everyone likes to think that the other person misses them… well, sometimes they are so unhealthy all you feel is relief to have them far away.  They should know that…and move on.  Even if you take the time to talk.. as they wish, because you think it’s only *fair*… after what you *had*.  lol  It doesn’t end there. It encourages MORE talk, more convincing and sweet talking and trying to find ways to make it right… it gets old…

Buckle up.  Have some self respect.  It’s not the end of the world… there are many, many people out there that would enjoy your company.  I must have liked or loved parts of you – you aren’t all bad.  Just because we can’t work it out, doesn’t mean the end.  So dramatic.  I’d rather be alone than live unhappy with someone and be false in saying I was happy.

Know when it’s done and move along.  Yes, it’s hard, and I sound like a bitch… but at least I don’t string people along with falsities.  I can’t do two faced…and I won’t.  Honesty hurts, but not nearly as much as if I lied and said I still wanted to maintain contact when I didn’t.

Ok, rant over. lol  I don’t know that I like to put this out there… in the world wide web…. but I had to get it out..and this is MY blog. lol  So here it is.


Comments on: "When It’s Over?" (4)

  1. Aw…isn’t she lovely? I found her a while ago… I love her poetry. 🙂 I’m so glad you found it. I found like it was a treasure when I first discovered her. 🙂
    So much talent out there. 🙂

  2. Weathered veneers usually reveal the truth T

    I linked off your site earlier to Gypsy’s blog – wow now that’s some talent!! Deciphering poetry is great pleasure.

    Awesome….thanks for that. Nice Post T
    Respect and Peace!

  3. lol 🙂
    Yes, it feels much better… even if they never read it. 🙂

    The funny thing is. Well, I don’t know if it’s the same for everyone, or just women or just men…but I always get the same retort. Who is it? lol Like you don’t have the inner strength or respect to move on and be happy – there MUST be someone else. LOL To me, that speaks volumes about their insecurities.

    I’m strong enough to move on for ME… because I’m not happy. Ah… I guess we all grow up at different rates. 😉

    I think they are unhealthy to start off…they hide it. lol People only show you what they want you to see after all, and through time and experience you catch the glimpses of what and who they really are. 🙂 Some things you cannot hide. 🙂

  4. Feel better now you’ve got that off your falsities? Phew!! I guess they had that coming.

    Isn’t it amazing how desperate, ‘unhealthy’ (love that by the way, nice touch) people become when they realise that you have the strength to move on.

    Respect and Peace

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