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For anyone who would like to get involved and join us – here is the information you need!!

We need people with all sorts of skills.  Taking minutes, leafleting, canvassing for petitions… making banners, decorating bulletin boards, we are a very creative group and our campaigns to raise awareness are fun!!!

Our groups started in 2009 from another campaign called Poverty is Making us Sick.  We work locally with our community and we are a group made up of community members that live with low incomes.

The meetings are open – anyone can come along and join in.  You don’t need to call ahead.  If you are interested in receiving information, or meeting minutes, upcoming events, please leave us a message ( and we can get in touch.  We meet every other Thursday.  The next meeting is August 11th at 1:30.

Where are we?
South Riverdale Community Health Centre
955 Queen Street East
Toronto, ON
M4M 3P3

If you take the 72 Pape bus down to Queen Street East and Carlaw Ave, from the subway – you just walk 2 seconds East (south side)…. and there we are!!!

For more information on what we’re involved in right now, you can check the link for us on Facebook (click here).
You will find information on upcoming special events and meeting notifications.

We’re trying to raise rates for every person on social assistance and demanding that the process of deciding what money people get on Social Assistance is transparent and reflects the ACTUAL cost of living!  

We fight for minimum wage increases and are involved in trying to lower TTC costs so that transportation is accessible to everyone!


Comments on: "Health And Strength Action Group Meetings." (4)

  1. Oh, i’m too far away lol

    • LOL There may be things you can do in your area of the world. 🙂 !!! 🙂

      Hi there! Hope all is well with you! I see your blog is very busy! 🙂
      Great to *see* you! 🙂

  2. Itsa said:

    What’s the street address?

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