According to me…..

G8 Summit?



Call me daft, but I don’t understand.

The summit this year is being held in Canada, yay us… but it’s being held in Huntsville.  Huntsville!!!  It’s three hours away from Toronto.  225 KM.  Really??

So WHY are they adding 77 new cameras to the downtown core?  Can you say *excuse to add more cameras*?  They had decided before this came to be that there were enough cameras…hell, they were going to remove some!!

And why are our streets downtown smothered in police rounding up every person they can – homeless, bike riders, your usual suspects in petty crime… they’ve already got over 80 people off the streets.  They are all doing overtime.  You can’t move without seeing them.   The event isn’t until the end of June… and they’ve converted the old Film Studio down on Lakeshore to hold prisoners.

WTF?  Is it just me or has this world gone a little wacked?  Do they suppose that homeless folks are going to hitchhike to Huntsville to do harm to these special people?  Do they really even suppose folks care?  I would think they are busy locating food, or somewhere to sleep and that the G8 summit is the last thing they care about – or folks on bikes…they’re going to ride out there, are they?   I know those folks down in that area of Toronto, and they could give a rat’s ass!!!  Seriously – governments…get over yourselves.

And, last – they’ve decided to allow people to rally at Queen’s Park.   LOL  That’ll really impact the world leaders way up in Huntsville.  lol

~~~Walks away shaking head and mumbling…….


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