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Does anyone remember the Climax Blues Band?  I love you?  Or 10CC The Things We Do For Love.  lol Cyndi Lauper…Time After Time.

Or newer stuff… Coldplay, What If.  Christina Aguilera – Hurt.  Colin Raye – Love Me…. such good music for blue moods….for love felt, or lost, or wanted.  Blue Rodeo, Crowded House… I could go on and on. lol

There’s so much wonderful music out there.  I have over 200 Gigs of it and still I’m downloading…. there’s just not enough storage space for music.  It’s gotten me through every situation in my life.  Good or bad.  Every song reminds me of something…someone…some time or event.  What would  I have done without music in my life.

I remember as a child listening to the radio.   Magic Power – Triumph.  It got me through everything… and my mother asking me – *what are you doing?*… I said *listening to music*.  She then proceeded to tell me that you can’t just lay there and listen to music.  lol  How wrong could she be?  This from a woman that blasted the tunes all the time.  Knock on Wood still makes me think of her.  I grew up hearing David Bowie, Black Sabbath, Beatles, Queen, Fleetwood Mac…all at full volume… doing chores and hearing music.

My Rainbow S from Kelly Krogman. :)

My Rainbow S from Kelly Krogman. 🙂


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  1. At 8 I didn’t understand any of the lyrics of any of the songs I was listening to, but I’ve loved the energy and the style of the Jam and Madness, pin badges and thin ties lol, Stay-press trousers and Parker’s…..awesome!

    I was born in Germany too lol. Brugen apparently, I can’t remember!
    My dad was in the RAF and that’s how we ended up there, same as you I guess. What are the chances hey? We did 2 tours of Germany as a family, but my dad managed to cadge loads of different countries but mum didn’t fancy all of that, so we stayed in the UK whilst he did his stints on tour.
    And you ended up in Canada , where did you live in the UK?

    • Music = energy. 🙂 I think at that age I was into the Bay City Rollers, but don’t tell anyone. Ha. lol I still love them… gah. And Rex Smith, I remember… Lordy… Lief Garret, and the Partridge Family…. I still listen to those groups. I remember kissing the Rex Smith poster on my wall… lol

      My dad did his army apprenticeship in Carlisle and was posted to Barnard Castle. He was then moved to Germany.
      When my parents lived in Germany they were at a place called Fallingbostel (in between Hamberg and Hannover)…my mom was preggers with me… when I was born the ambulance drove from Fallingbostel to Hannover BMH (British Military Hospital) in an hour and a half ride in a massive snow storm! lol Four years later we moved to Hannover to live. And then Toronto – been here since. 🙂 I think my dad worked on tanks… 🙂 It is an odd coincidence… I don’t know if he did any more tours with the army – maybe not, he had four kids all in all at that time. lol

  2. YES! And lots of noise. lol I play guitar and – well, let me rephrase that.. I TRY to play guitar. lol I’m just learning – but one of the things you said here I did learn while getting the chords down. I never knew that there were chords that were considered sad chords and chords that were considered happy… I mean, it makes total sense – but I just never gleaned the fact that it was a documented thing… I, like you, have songs that make me feel a host of feelings – but now I know it was on purpose by the players….based on what chords they used. lol Depeche Mode I LOVE. lol I have no idea what they are saying either – but I still have them on my mp3 player now. The other groups you mentioned were big in England after I had left there and not so big here….so I didn’t really get into them until I was older. 🙂 I was born in Germany – so I was too young to recall any music I heard there – only until I was four. My dad was in the British army. Then four years back home in England – and THEN to Canada! Where I landed smack dab in the middle of disco. lol
    I think I’m interested in music on computer – but it seems complicated. AND I think you have to have at least a smidgen of creativity in order to create your own music. I play other people’s songs… with the song going in the background. lol
    That’s cute…8 and you were into edgy and angry. lol I thought that came at a much later age – teens for example. 🙂 You were ahead of the game. lol
    Music is such a great part of my life… it’s like a soundtrack for a movie…as you said… a sub-conscious diary of your life. Ahhh. Nice to find someone else who feels this way. Although I know there are more of us out there… nice to hear from someone about it. lol 🙂

    Respect, Peace and NOISE back atcha!!!! 🙂

  3. He-he, I remember some of those tunes lol, wasn’t a big fan of Cyndi or 10CC at the time, but when I hear them on the golden hour radio shows, they always make me feel happier for listening to them.

    That’s one of the great things about music, it helps embed things in the brain on a sub-concious level. Certain songs then trigger a whole host of memories or feelings that we don’t visit often.

    Isn’t it amazing how a combination of notes or chords can induce pleasure or pain, they seem to resonate with our senses and trigger emotions. Certain rhythms
    get us all fired up and bouncy, classical string instruments, like the cello, can set me off blubbin!

    Music and nostalgia are perfect partners because they form a sub-concious diary of our lives and the emotions we felt, as we lived them.

    I used to love Depeche Mode, all though I didn’t have a clue what they were singing about and didn’t dare to find out either. But I love electronic music and they were for me, right on the money!

    Madness for some happy joy joy sounds, moshin around the place!! The Jam were edgy and angry, and I was 8 lol, I remember ordering a pair of Jam bowling shoes from Carnaby Street, London. I lived in Germany at the time and this was a big big deal for me.

    The rave scene in the late eighties and nineties, kept me broke for a decade and the music was and still is, amazing.

    Now I attempt to make my own music occasionally, using computer software, but my father has always had a guitar, so I play a little. Again an instrument that resonates so beautifully that just the sound itself, without structure does things for me, which is just as well because I’m a lousy player!!

    Respect and Peace and Noise!!

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