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Day of Action at Local Ministers of Provincial Parliament Offices:
Thursday, May 20th

The Ontario Coalition Against Poverty (OCAP) is challenging the
decision to eliminate the Special Diet for people on welfare and
disability.  We are demanding this vital benefit be left alone and
that the Government Raise the Rates now.

Coming out of the momentum of April 15th, we are organizing a series
of actions to build up resistance to the attack on the Special Diet
between now and the closing of Provincial Legislature in June. This
will include a major mobilization at the Provincial Government
Buildings on June 17.  To ensure that the fight is taken into as many
communities as possible, we are calling for a day of actions at local
Liberal MPPs’ offices on Thursday, May 20.

We leave it up to people to decide the kind of event that is right for
them.  Some may choose to occupy an office.  Some may think it better
to rally outside.  Others may want to bring a delegation and call for
a meeting.  Please let us know what ideas you have for ways to drive
this issue home at Liberal offices so we can share them with people in
other communities.

Whatever tactic you think is possible and works best for you, we are
calling on people across this Province to make May 20 a day when the cut
to Special Diet is put before the Liberals in a way they can’t ignore.

The loss of the Special Diet means people will not have a healthy
diet.  Some will be made homeless, many will suffer ill health and
lives will be shortened.  We don’t just want to protest this attack
but intend to defeat it.

If you want to be part of this fight back and the May 20th Day of
Action, e mail us at or call us at (416) 925-6939


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