According to me…..


lol  Ok, serious… when someone else tells you how you feel, or what you want….grr.

Stick it in your ear, mate…. I don’t assume to know your wants, needs or desires, so how about letting me have my own say?!?!

How about you don’t assume… how about you stop the drama… listen to the words I’m actually saying, not what you want to make of them.

Ok, vent over…but I’m still pretty sure I wouldn’t want green eggs and ham!!!!  lol


Comments on: "Vent Time….grrr." (2)

  1. LOL I hear THAT! lol It’s so annoying to be TOLD how you feel or what you want….

    *well, you said this so you MUST want that*…. lol Cram it. lol

  2. Kelly said:

    Oh man, you nailed it. That is one of my HOT BUTTONS! You want to know how I feel? Ask me. Otherwise, shut it.

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