According to me…..

Are you late?

I’ve come to a place in my life…it’s called content.

I’m happy with things… I’m ok with what comes next, if anything.  I’m happy with status quo.  I’m ok.  Whatever comes, I will handle, whatever is gone…I can enjoy the memory.  I’m starting to get that spark back in my soul.  I’m being creative and loving my days.  I actually applied for a job I think I’ll love… and that’s been a long time – aside from painting and photography…. but they aren’t full time, predictable money creating jobs.  And I’m ok if it doesn’t happen.  I’m quite simply ok.  I’m happy in my soul.

I’m calm.  Everything in my life has taught me something.  Everything and everyone – they’ve all mattered.  But as in birth and death we are all alone…. it’s not the same as being lonely.  I’m not lonely.  I’m strong, independent and really quite pleased.  So many things make me smile…simple, down to earth things.

I woke up today to a thunderstorm.  I love that.  I woke up late because of it.  I sleep well with storms.  And there was no reason to be upset that I was late, because I wasn’t late for anything.   I’m enjoying every minute.

Hello life…. I’m here.


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